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Copyright 1999 Suyapa Quinn


Welcome to where the genealogy and history of the Boquin family of Comayagua, Honduras comes to life.


My name is Suyapa O. Zelaya Boquin Quinn.  As a direct descendant of Teodoro Boquin (1885 - 1928 ), a noted Honduran lawyer and civil servant, I am proud to bring you this website dedicated to

� Our Boquin family history and genealogy

� Our continuing role in the history and development of Honduras

� To our hometown of Comayagua, Honduras

� And that of Central America and beyond.


As you move through the website you will find a wealth of interesting genealogical and historical data pertaining to Honduras, to the extended Boquin family, past and present, to Comayagua, Honduras.


 This site is dedicated to all the Boquins and our history.


 If your last name is Boquin, if you are curious about our family, or even if you just want to contact one of us, please feel welcome and at home.


 Also, if you have further information about the Boquin family, or if you need further information about the Boquin family you can contact me at